Valor Inmueble, productivity and quality

We will now discuss a success case from our client Valor Inmueble which has a large database and handle over 2,000 valuations per month through our ERP.

Data Gis was responsible for the automation process of all operations of Valor Inmueble in Latin America, managing to reduce turnaround times for clients, reducing operation costs and significantly increasing service quality.

“In a highly competitive market such as the valuation sector, our clients require consistent follow-up and traceability of their operations; as we are living in a technological and advanced age, providing consumers with mechanisms to streamline their operations is necessary. Through the implementation of this new tech platform, at Valor Inmueble Perú we have managed to improve turnaround times and provide information in real-time, immediately achieving a radical change and highly positive impact towards end customers, which resonates in and increases our production capacity and positions our company as trailblazers and innovators in the Peruvian market.”

Ely Ramones, Planning Deputy Manager - Peru 

From the very design stage of the solution, Data Gis has been with us along the way and throughout the entire automation process and its contribution has been extremely valuable for the modernization of our operations. This has reflected in a more efficient and effective workflow, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, who perceives improved efficiency and precision when it comes to delivered information. More than just a vendor, Data Gis is a strategic partner that addresses all our requirements effectively, both in time and form, using 24/7 support and training.

Rafael Wong, General Manager of Valor data-gis SAC Perú


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